Most Common Ways Someone Can Break Into Your Home

Most Common Ways Someone Can Break Into Your Home

When we think of a burglar, we think of a ski-masked, black-clothed man who breaks in, in the dead of the night, tip-toeing his way through our house and stealing all our valuables. But the truth is far less clichéd. The average burglar looks like your average citizen who enters through the doors we often forget to lock.

Majority of burglaries happen in residential areas and while the financial losses are bad enough, the trauma can leave its mark for a long time. Such events leave families feeling unsafe in their own homes.

We share some of the most common ways someone can break into your home.


Most windows are fragile and provide a perfect point of entry for burglars. Not to mention the sound of breaking glass is often ignored by neighbors. Since most windows have poor locking systems, they are easy to force through. The problem is further worsened by the fact that most people leave their windows open during summers, which is really an invitation to any potential intruder. For this very reason, you should install secondary locking mechanisms in your windows. Also make sure to lock them every time you decide to leave your home, if even for a short while.

Common Ways Someone Can Break Into Your Home


This one goes both ways. Apart from providing aesthetic beauty to your backyard, shrubs can act as the first line of defense. Pyracantha or Osmanthus are the types of hedges which have prickly thorns and can deter burglars from taking cover. If you do not have these plants, then it is advisable to trim the shrubbery especially the one near your windows and doors as these can provide cover for burglars to break in.

Ways Someone Can Break Into Your Home

Man’s best friend

Since time immemorial, dogs have been known to hunt for and protect humans. Having superior hearing capabilities means they can easily spot sneaky intruders. They can also be trained to bark at strangers, securing your property from all potential break-ins. They also prove to be cute companions!

Someone Can Break Into Your Home

Home Security systems

Having an old, worn-out lock won’t do any good in deterring burglars. Most burglars are on the lookout for houses with weak security systems. Technology has come a long way, and with it, advancement in home security systems. Most modern-day systems are highly sophisticated in nature and prove near impossible to break. They are also equipped with silent alarms, which alert the law enforcement forces without letting the intruder know. This greatly increases the chance of the burglar being caught. The security systems also come with photo and audio logs to keep a track of all the people who have entered your premises.

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