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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: Kinds of Lock Emergencies

It’s no secret that burglary is very common in United States. In fact, back in 2016, there more than 278,000...

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Tips to save money by Locksmith Services – Infographic

We have some tips for you that can save money for you in the long run:

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How To Avoid Being Conned By A Locksmith

Avoiding situations like losing keys or getting locked outside your home or vehicle with the key inside might be impossible...

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Travel Safe: Ways to Protect Your Luggage

Airport personnel can be quite careless at times and the ones to suffer are the passengers. Passengers often lose their...

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Seasonal Problems In Door Locks

Being locked out of your car or house can be quite frustrating. In extreme weather conditions, turning locks can be...

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Why Have A Locksmith On Speed Dial

We’ve all experienced being locked outside our houses or vehicles with the keys inside. On the days when it seems...

Car Doors Won’t Unlock? Here Are the Reasons

When we think about car issues and repairs; flat tires and engine problems usually come to mind. What people seem...

Patience is Key: Why Breaking into Your Car Is a Bad Idea

Did you just get locked outside your car? Have you lost your keys or forgotten them inside the vehicle? Whatever...

Why You Should Always Know an Emergency Locksmith

Imagine this – it’s 2 a.m. and you just got back from a party. You’re standing outside your apartment door...

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Lost your house keys? – Infographic

Here’s what you should do when lock yourself out!