3 Reasons Why Your Key Fob Isn’t Working

One important feature of all modern vehicles is keyless entry. A key remote controls the locking mechanism of the car by electronic means. This technology gained popularity because it provides convenience to the drivers and enhances the security of the automotives.

3 Reasons Why Your Key Fob Isn’t Working

A key fob might look like a simple device but it can accomplish a lot. It has a radio transmitter that sends signal to the receiver in your car. Besides having door lock control, a key fob is also connected to the engine, alarms, trunk and windows of your vehicle.

Having a malfunctioning key fob can be frustrating. However, diagnosing the problem accurately can make it easy for you to get it fixed.

Here are some reasons why your key fob might not be working.

1. It Ran Out Of Batteries

Most car key remotes run on lithium ion batteries. They work directly with the transmitter, providing it the power needed to send signals to the corresponding receivers in the car. One of the most common reasons a key fob stops working is because of a dead battery.

Before you start panicking thinking it’s a major problem, head to the nearest hardware store and get a new pair of batteries for the car key remote. If you’re lucky, your problem will be solved right there and then.

2. Loose Or Damaged Internal Connections

As briefly discussed above, key fob operating components include a transmitter and a receiver. When you press a button on the remote, the command is send to the receiver from the transmitter in the form of signals. The actions can range from powering up the vehicle to locking the doors and more.

However, if the internal connections are loose, the transmitter won’t work and the command will not be sent. If the transmitter or the receiver is broken, or the internal terminals are damaged, the remote won’t work.

This issue can’t be solved by the driver; it requires a professional locksmith to fix the remote connection and wiring accurately.

Loose Or Damaged Internal Connections

3. It Isn’t Programmed

The transmitter in the key fob and the receiver in the car are synched through a program. The system depends on these two components to work together.

If your car key remote isn’t programmed to control the functions of your vehicle, the key fob won’t work. This is a common problem found in second hand cars. Moreover, it requires a professional locksmith to program a car key to a vehicle.

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