Car Keys Won’t Come Out Of The Ignition?

There are certain situations that sooner or later all drivers are bound experience. One of these instances like Ford car key NYC  is when the car key gets stuck in the ignition.

This is especially stressful when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere important. You can’t just leave the keys dangling by the ignition neither can you be late for your appointment.

In facing these circumstances, you wish you knew a trick or two to get those keys right out of the ignition!


Here it is! Keep on reading to find out what you can do to easily remove stuck car keys from the ignition.

Check The Gear

In an automatic vehicle, the gear needs to be set to ‘P,’ meaning ‘park’ for the key to come out of the ignition. If it’s on drive or neutral then extracting the car key won’t be possible. This problem can occur with drivers who’ve just started driving an automatic as they might forget to check the gear before trying to remove the key.

Unlock The Steering Wheel

The steering lock is activated when the driver turns off the car while moving the wheel to the side. When the steering wheel is locked, you can’t remove the car key from the ignition.

To take out the key, you’ll have to unlock the steering wheel. Move the wheel to side while turning the key at the same time. Once the wheel is unlocked, you’ll be able to remove the car key successfully.

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Check The Battery

Car keys can often remain stuck in ignitions if the battery dies out. In this instance, the only solution is to charge the battery and wait till it can start the car to remove the keys.

Spray A Lubricant On The Key

If you happen to have electric lube or silicone spray in your car toolbox, then spray some of it on the car key and ignition. Doing so will loosen up the key a little then you can attempt to extract it carefully out of the ignition.

Contact A Locksmith Service

The safest route to take in this situation is to contact a professional locksmith service for help. You’ll have to tell them your location and they’ll arrive in a short while equipped with all the right tools to remove the stuck key from the ignition easily.

If you’re in NYC, get in touch with New York Locksmith Networks. We’ve been providing 24 hour emergency locksmith services to car owners for 22 years.

You can contact us here.

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