What to Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your Car

With one hand full of groceries and the other holding on to your toddler, you make your way to your car in the parking lot. Your heart sinks the moment you realize you don’t have your keys. Did I leave them in the store?  Then your eyes land on the ignition. And locksmith service in Brooklyn there you see your keys dangling from the socket.

Getting locked out of your car can be very frustrating. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, follow these simple steps to tackle the situation effortlessly.

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Troubleshoot Your Vehicle

The first thing you need to do in this situation is to not panic!

Stay calm and clear headed. Then check all the doors and windows, plus the trunk, to see if any of them are unlocked. It’d be embarrassing to find out you had an unlocked door this whole time after help arrives.

Call A Friend

The experience of being locked out of your car is a scary one. It can also put you in a vulnerable position; you might have to stand by the roadside alone and for potential help from strangers. In such as situation, it’s a good idea to call a friend or a family member and inform them regarding the incident. If they happen to be nearby, they’ll come straight to you.

Best case scenario: a family member might have a spare key!

Image showing Acura car key NYC

Try The Shoe Lace Method

If you have an old car with post locks – the type that sticks out straight from the window sill – then you can try opening them with the shoelace method.

Just a little heads up, the trick is kind of tricky. Start by removing your shoelace and tying a small loop in the middle. Hold the string at the top left corner of the door and work it into the interior of the car using a flossing motion. Hook the loop around the lock and tighten up the shoelace. Lastly, pull up the string and your door should get unlocked!

You can try practicing this technique so you can use it in times of emergencies.

Call A Professional Locksmith Service

Taking a DIY route might land you in more trouble than you already are. The best step to take in case you lock yourself out of your vehicle is to call a professional locksmith service for help.

They’ll have all the tools and knowledge to unlock your car door efficiently. You’ll just have to tell them your location and they’ll come to you shortly.

If you happen to get locked out of your car in New York City, get in touch with New York Locksmith Networks. We’ve been providing trustworthy 24-hour emergency locksmith services to the residents of NYC for 22 years.

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