5 Tips to Protect Your Home from Break-Ins

What’s more valuable than all your property, businesses, and wealth put together? Your family! The key to a happy life is to be always surrounded by the ones you love.

How do you ensure their safety in times of alarmingly high crime rates? The answer is fairly simple. Make sure your home has rock solid defenses. Here are a few tips on how you can do so:

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A camera security system is a must-have

Hiring a security guard is neither cheap nor always reliable. While a human is difficult to trust, a camera definitely isn’t. A high-resolution security camera makes you aware of impending robberies, which can then be immediately reported to the police. Buzzers, intercoms, and security alarms can also help tighten security.

Replace your locks frequently

A worn out lock is highly prone to be picked by a thief. Installing a new lock or getting yours rekeyed reduces the chances of them being broken into. Almost any residential locksmith new york city service can help you with this. Changing locks can ensure that a previous owner can’t enter the house anymore.

Remember that break-ins don’t only happen on a weekday

Don’t lower your defenses over a holiday. If you’re away from home or town during the holidays, your house is just as susceptible to a robbery as any other time. When you leave your house for the holidays, make sure you’ve locked it up well. Go over the security system at least thrice.  Some good advice is to have high-security locks which are tolerant to picking and brute force.

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Avoid sliding doors

Sliding doors are easier to break compared to a fixed wooden door. They’re extremely vulnerable and burglars are well-equipped to deal with them. A small metal block can work as a good barrier to keep burglars from entering.  

Keep a good residential locksmith on your phone speed-dial

When you consider a locksmith, you probably only think of locks and keys right? That’s not all there is to it! A reliable locksmith service can cater to all the possible security needs of your house. From cameras and fire alarms to lock replacements and even emergency situations, they’ve got you covered. Having one on your speed-dial takes the security of your house up a notch.

While fast locksmith services are rare enough, it’s even rarer for them to be available 24/7. It’s an added bonus on top of that if a locksmith provides emergency locksmith Queens services. At New York Locksmith Network, we do all three! Call us at 917-472-1252, irrespective of the time of the day, to secure your family’s future.

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