A Step Ahead: Effective Ways to Prevent Break-Ins in Your New York City Apartment

There were 12,082 repotted burglaries in NYC in 2017. Part of being a vigilant homeowner is to ensure your house is protected against these break-ins. Having an outdated security system or being careless when it comes to home security makes your house an easy target. This is evident in a recent study that shows that majority of burglars entered into homes through open doors or windows.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the most effective ways to prevent a break-in in your home the Big Apple.

Use the Landscape to Your Advantage

Having tall bushes provides a great cover and helps burglars to hide from cameras and watchful eyes. By trimming bushes around your property, you eliminate such an option and make it harder for anyone to break in. A viable solution is to grow Osmanthus shrubs. Not only will these thorny bushes act as a deterrent, they are easy to grow and aesthetically pleasing.

Another cause for concern can be tall trees near the apartment complex. Often burglars will climb such trees and use the branches to gain access to the first floor. Make sure to cut-off any such branches.

Man’s Best Friend

Being protective of an owner’s health and property come instinctively to a dog. Not only do they provide great companionship but having incredible scent and hearing capabilities allows dogs to sense sneaky intruders. Apartments with dogs are far less likely to be a target and the barking can help scare off any burglars.

Don’t Display Your Valuables

Make sure you have curtains or blinds in the house and that they are always drawn up unless you want some fresh air. Having your T.V, laptops, and other valuables on display is definitely not to your advantage.

Know Your Neighbors

Crimes are noticeably lower in communities that are tight-knit. Since everyone knows each other, any stranger prodding around the house or seen peeking through the windows is bound to attract suspicion. There’s a high chance your neighbors have a different work/school schedule than you and provide an outside perspective when you’re not at home.

Get a Home Security System

Perhaps the most effective measure against break-ins. Modern day security systems are complex and not easy to dismantle. They are equipped with motion sensors and security cameras giving that extra layer of protection. Smart locks also have internal alarm systems which alert police forces in case of a burglary.

These tips should help you boost the security of your home and make it difficult for any sort of break-in. However, to maximize the safety of you and your family, it is best to get a home security system installed.

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