Setting Up the Perfect Burglar Repellant Security System

Security plans are not just about high-tech gadgets. Your lifestyle pretty much sums up how burglar repellant your home can be. To make your home burglar-proof, you can use a wide combination of tools.

Here are a few tips to set up the perfect security system:

  1. Reveal Less Details Online
    You are being watched – be careful about what you post online. In particular, don’t reveal details related to vacation or prior to traveling.


  1. A WatchdogKeeping a dog to stand guard has perhaps been the oldest method. Dogs served as man’s best friend back even when there was no technology. Getting a big dog is even better to dissuade any potential break-ins.


  1. Use Relevant Apps
    How about using security apps? Motion detection software such as Zone Triggercan alert you of suspicious activities via your laptop or smartphone. The only downside is that you need to have access to the internet—but since when has that been a big issue!


  1. Make Sure Your Home is Well-Lit
    If you have a garden (and a huge one), make sure every inch of the place is lit. Large trees or overgrown bushes are great hiding spots. Keep these areas specificallywell-lit.Another old lighting related trick is to leave a few lights inside and outside on, before going out for the evening. This tricks potential burglars into thinking you’re at home.


  1. Hide Valuables in the Less Suspicious Places
    Even if you have a safe or a locker at home, your burglar might be smart enough to crack the code. Valuable cards and receipts can be kept in the most unlikely places – such as kitchen cabinets. A burglar would never imagine your prized possessions to lie in a cereal box.


  1. Cameras
    From your phone to your office, today, cameras are everywhere. With the blend of technology, cameras have become more flexible than ever.One such example is Samsung’s SmartCam. You can use SmartCam for home monitoring. After setting up the camera, select ‘motion zones’. Whenever there is any activity in those zones, you will be alerted on your phone. Again, there are internet restrictions.

Last but not the least, don’t forget locks. As one of the best locksmiths in New York, we take your security seriously and offer 24-hour locksmith services. So reach out to us anytime at 347-753-9043.

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