Common Types of Locks Used in Homes

Over the decades, crime rates have only risen. Amongst these crimes, theft and burglary remain the most popular ones.  If you feel insecure in your home, you need to change your lock. Have a look at these six common types of locks used in homes:

Electronic Locks

The word ‘electronic’ might give away that these locks are smart. Not every electronic lock would qualify as a smart lock. An electronic lock simply runs on electric current. It does not have to be complex. You just need to give it a code or any other cue of approval. It is smart in its own way but not smarter than smart locks.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are smarter than their simpler electronic counterparts. Smart locks also run on electric current, but depend on intelligent circuits and techniques for unlocking. For example, a smart lock can have a wireless transmitter attached to it and a unique code. You can have an app on your phone and enter the code from that app. Better yet – you can use a fingerprint on your phone to unlock the door. Those who do not have your phone or the login details, will obviously fail to get in.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are mostly used externally. They provide great security and are further divided into mainly two catcategories. Each type provides a different level of security, depending on your needs.

  • Single deadbolts: Good security, lesser than its double counterpart. Has only one key cylinder, on one side of the lock.
  • Double deadbolt locks: Extremely high security due to key cylinder present on both sides of the lock.


Knob Locks

Knob locks are the most prevalent choice in interiors. From the bedroom to the garage, knob locks are used for a variety of doors. Knob locks don’t give a lot of security though. If security is what you’re looking for, knob locks should not be your choice. Since knob locks are not ideal for security, installing them within the home is best. If you install it in the entrance door, you will face high security risk.

Lever-handle Locks

Lever handle locks are similar to deadbolt locks, but easier to use.  They are easier because you can simply push the lever down and open the door. They are ideally used in interiors. They can be easily hacked, so they are not preferable for exteriors.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are used mostly in the commercial industry, but homes have taken them into account too. In appearance and design, they are very similar to cylindrical locks. In the older days, strength was given importance and mortise locks are the most rigid of them all. Due to their strength, they are becoming popular in the modern world of locks too.

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