How to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

Are you afraid your car might get stolen? Of course you are. If your car is super attractive, then it makes all the more sense to be more afraid than a person with an average car.

Over the last decade, motor theft has been on the rise. Following are a few

ways in which you can prevent your car from being stolen:

Anti-Theft Devices

You can install a tracking device on your car. Here are a few various anti-theft devices you can install in your car:

  • Steering wheel lock: The most common of all devices, it simply locks your steering wheel.
  • Electronic tracking device: This device works after a car is reported as stolen. After the car is stolen, the car company activates the device so the car can be tracked down.
  • Car alarms:A car alarm gets activated in many cases. For example, when there is intense motion against the car or even upon hearing loud sounds.

Leaving valuables in car

Never leave valuables such as your phone, jewelry, etc. in plain sight. If you leave it in your backseat or on the dashboard, both your valuables and your car are prone to attract trouble.

Be mindful of where and how you park

Always be careful of where you park. Don’t park your car facing the road. It will only make your car an easier target.

Look around before leaving your car

Once you step out of your car, take a look around you. Are there other vehicles parked? Any signs? Is the place crowded? Deserted? Change locations if it seems isolated.

Location Tracking

Giving away your location to the whole world while you are driving or traveling is not a great idea. Whether you’re using Facebook or Snapchat, stalkers are everywhere.

Be Mindful of Your Routes

Don’t take a short route if it is not trustworthy. If the longer route is safer, it’s definitely worth your time.

At Night

Be aware when parking at nighttime. Park your car in a well-lit area.

Having a Manual Car

Many cases have been reported where a thief was unable to get away with the car.

Doors Locked, Windows Rolled Up

Never leave your car parked with windows rolled down. Even if you think your surrounding is safe, it’s not worth the risk.

Use Garage

If you are at home and are lucky enough to have a garage, make the most of it Don’t park your car on the road; it will only lead to more theft risks.

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