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The creation of locks and keys has always been something within the domain of locksmiths, and while the process of key making remains similar to this day, the concept of keys only being “physical” is no longer true.

Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have digital and wireless keys. Here are some keys you might have come across or already have in your possession.

Deadbolt Keys

These keys are usually made for home security purposes. Locksmiths are asked to make these kinds of keys (and originals) for people who do not have the more advanced electronic or digital locking system in their homes. These keys are made for three types of deadbolts: single cylinder, double cylinder, and lockable thumb-turn.

Knob-lock Keys

These keys are often requested as an alternative to the above-mentioned. Because knob-locks are becoming a thing of the past, such types of keys are no longer commonly requested. Their design is pretty basic, and their locks are one of the easier to pick.

Padlock Keys

Padlocks are usually an area of expertise for most locksmiths. In order to enhance security, some padlocks are made in a way so that their keys cannot be copied.

Laser-cut Car keys

Laser-cut car keys are designed to be “face-up” on either way of the ignition. These keys are far more popular because they have the same grooves on either side which makes copying them infinitely harder for criminals. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that far more replicated copies will turn out to be inaccurate.

Whether or not such keys are ‘better’ than mechanically cut keys is up for debate. If you do, however, want the extra level of security, then this is the key for you.

Transponder Keys

By finding the code that is necessary for your transceiver, a locksmith can program a transponder key for your car without the need for an existing one. For vehicles manufactured after 1995, transponder keys are the answer to accessing your vehicle if you’ve lost your original keys.

Valet Keys

Unlike conventional keys, valet keys are like ‘bare-bone’ key duplicates. They enable the user to open the vehicle locks and start the ignition, but do not open the trunk or glove boxes. This is obvious as the valet spends little time within the vehicle and their duty is limited to car-parking. These kinds of keys hold special importance for business and restaurant owners.

Car Keys

The need to duplicate car keys exists everywhere around the world. Unlike other keys, these are hard to duplicate. The model, year, and make are all variables taken into consideration by the locksmith when making a copy.

Now that you know the types of keys made by locksmiths, the importance of hiring a professional locksmith can hardly be understated. Contact our automobile locksmith in New York City now to avail the latest branded car keys and more at the most reasonable prices.

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