What You Need To Know About Smart Locks

Thanks to technology, we’ve now moved from the conventional method of carrying physical keys to using smart locks. While the popularity of smart locks continues to grow, many people still wonder as to how smart locks actually work.

Simply put, a smart lock refers to a lock that utilizes wireless technology such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to lock and unlock doors. Once installed, a smart lock is paired with your Bluetooth device using a smart app installed on your phone.

Smart lock apps enable you to share virtual “keys” with friend, family, service providers or visitors via text. These are digitally encrypted keys that grant access for a limited period of time (provided they too have the App installed on their phones). This adds a whole new level of convenience as visitors do not need to have a physical key for access. If you’re on a business trip or a vacation and have family coming over, you can simply share a key with them granting them access.

Apart from regulating access, another security feature that smart locks provide is to keep a log of all the people that have accessed the property during a certain time. Some of the locks also feature a camera that enables you to keep a photo log as well.

Smart locks are more secure than conventional locks. Let’s understand this by way of an example.

Let’s assume you share your home or apartment with other people. This gives rise to the need of duplicate keys. Having more keys can jeopardize your home security. Since smart locks have digital keys, this eradicates such a risk.

Smart locks have various features, and allow customization based on customers’ needs. A finger lock may be more suited for a business organization, whereas a household would prefer a number lock.

Number locks are also known as digital keypad locks. They use a numerical code usually between 4 to 12 digits and do not require any digital or physical keys or even close proximity of a smart app.

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