Door Lock Problems You Should Never Ignore

Safety is key. There are many ways to keep your home safe, but door locks top the list. So there’s no doubt that your door lock should be problem-free. From the outside, your door lock may look fine. From the inside though, there might be problems which only your lock knows about. Not everybody knows what a door lock problem looks like, so here are a few signs:

Misaligned Door Locks

Sometimes, the door and the lock latch are aligned in a manner that the lock does not work. If you can’t hear the clicking sound your door usually makes, then the latch and plate are misaligned. At the earliest, you can try adjusting the plate with a screwdriver. However it will take proper evaluation and measured adjustment to fix the misalignment.

Key Broken and Stuck in Lock

A broken key is damage enough, but a key which breaks inside a lock is double the trouble. Taking out the key from the jammed lock is not an easy job. You can try sticking a needle into the keyhole. If that doesn’t work out, then we are here at your service.

Broken Door Lock

How do you know the door lock itself is broken? A few signs to look out for a broken lock are:

  • The door does not open.
  • The key fits, but unlocks the door very slowly.
  • The lock is slow, both while locking and unlocking

In case of a broken door lock, you can try replacing any visible broken parts. You can try applying grease too.

Loose Locks

Just like any other device, a lock becomes rusty with age and more likely to cause problems. Loose screws cause a lock to loosen up too. If you want to fix it yourself, you can grab your screwdriver and give it a shot. You will need to keep in mind the design of your lock and choose a screwdriver accordingly.

Jammed Locks

A door lock can get jammed due to many reasons:

  • Deadbolt alignment
  • Freezing weather
  • Moisture, causing the lock to rust

The easiest way to resolve a jammed lock is to apply grease or any other lubricant on it.

Door locks can be tricky business. Don’t compromise on your safety by trying to repair them yourself. We, at the New York Locksmith Networks, provide commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services. Being one of the best locksmiths in New York, we can help you out.  We provide 24 hour locksmith services in NYC. Feel free to contact us at 917-472-1252.

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