Why You Should Lock Your Luggage

Traveling with valuable possessions is never a pleasant experience. You’re unable to enjoy your journey; you’re constantly worried about the gadgets and expensive jewelry.

According to statistics, nearly 8,000 claims were filed between 2016 and 2017 by angry passengers against the TSA for losses of luggage items such as clothes, jewelry and electronics. What’s worse is that there are no reimbursements for missing or damaged luggage.

While locking your luggage doesn’t guarantee that your luggage is secure, it goes a long way to give you a peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why locking your luggage is a smart idea:

Locks Help Ease the Load on Your Bag’s Zippers

All of us are guilty of over-stuffing our suitcases at one point or another. This over-stuffing causes a lot of stress on a bag’s zippers. Between all the stress of holding your luggage and being thrown around by baggage handlers, the zippers might give in. This results in your delicate being strewn all over baggage carousels. Locks can help take some load off the bag’s zippers and make sure the bag stays shut during transit.

Locks Discourage Thieves

At airports, your luggage is passed through a lot of hands on its way to the plane. While it’s not difficult to smash open a lock or cut through a soft-sided bag, locks will discourage opportunistic baggage handlers and security officers from rifling through your stuff.

The point of locking your luggage is to make it less attractive to potential thieves. Just think about it. If you were a thief, would you steal from a house with bars on the windows or the one without any bars? Remember, your luggage doesn’t have to be completely protected. It just has to be more protected than the other ones around it.

Locks Offer Protection at Bus Stops, Hotels and Hostels

Maybe you’re a student visiting NYC during Christmas break. Your budget doesn’t allow you to stay at a hotel, so you are sharing a hostel dorm room with strangers.

It’s a good idea to keep your luggage locked; it will protect your belongings from theft. Luggage theft even occurs at high end hotels. A bellboy might steal from your luggage as he is moving it around or someone from housekeeping might be tempted by your unsecured bags. Hence, it’s always advisable to keep your luggage locked while you are travelling.

But what do you do if you lose the key for the lock on your luggage? You really like your sports bag and would hate to cut your luggage out. If you’re in NYC, you don’t need to worry!  New York Locksmith Networks provide emergency locksmith services and we’ll get your luggage out without damaging your bag.

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