Door Lock Options for Your Home

Door locks are vital to the safety of your home, family and belongings. However, once you go to your local hardware store, you find a variety of locking systems with different mechanisms. So which is the right one for your house?

Here is the breakdown on the most common types of locking systems found in home doors.

Hand Levers

Hand levers are a common choice for home interior doors. They are ergonomically built with a handle located on one side and a twisting knob on the other.

Handle Levers are not suitable for front doors as they don’t provide the same level of security as, let’s say, a deadbolt lock. However, handle levers are a good choice for interior doors as they are convenient to use and give doors a nice aesthetic.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are perhaps the most suitable option when it comes to entry doors. Their mechanism is attached separately from the door knob and its purpose is to provide an additional layer of security.

Deadbolt locks are a relatively safer and sturdier. They come in two layouts: single or double cylinder. What makes a deadbolt so secure is that its locking mechanism will not open unless the lock cylinder is twisted. However, deadbolts can be a bit of a double-edged sword as they are very difficult to open in an emergency lockout situation.

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Door Knob Locks

Door knob locks are commonly used in the interior doors of a home. These locks have knobs on both side of the door and can have a single or double cylinder system. You might even find a door knob lock gracing the front door of a house. However, door knob locks aren’t as secure as deadbolt locks. If you want to put a door knob lock on your front door, make sure you put in an additional, more secure system.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks utilize a keypad or card system which generates a code to unlock the door. They generally run on batteries that last a long time. They also come with normal keys in case there is a problem with the electric system. The looks are sophisticated and secure. Some electronic locks can be remotely operated as well. This gives you the convenience of unlocking your door with a smart phone or computer.

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