What To Do When The Key Breaks Inside A Lock

You have just reached home from work and you are in a rush to use the bathroom. You twist your door key too fast and the unthinkable happens. The only part of the key that twists is the top part in your hand. The rest of the key has broken off and is now lodged in the door lock. Now what do you do?

Well, you don’t need to panic. This situation is not as uncommon as you think. New York Locksmith Networks is always present to help you out with any lock or key problems. However, there are a few methods you can try yourself to extract that broken key from the lock. But it’s important to know that there are a lot of different types of locks and keys, and you may have to try different methods before you succeed.

Lubricate the Lock

First thing you need to do (after finding another bathroom) is find a lubricant for the lock, so it’s easier for the broken key to slide out of the lock. WD-40 spray would be most appropriate and convenient. It is important that the broken part of the key is not pushed even deeper into the lock. That can complicate matters. Also, do not throw away the top half of the broken key. If this is the only key you have, your locksmith will need the broken pieces to make a replica.

Use Pliers or Scissors to Pull Out the Broken Key

You will require an extraction tool, such as thin nosed pliers, to grab and pull the broken key from the key hole. You can also use sharp pointed scissors, but they will not provide the same amount on grip on the broken key as the pliers will.

However, if the broken key is lodged in deep, there won’t be enough key protruding for you to grab on to and pull out. Then you will have to apply a different method.

The Super Glue Method

This method is only to be used as a last resort because it very rarely succeeds and there is a chance you might damage your lock. You can only try this method if a portion of the broken key is clearly visible in the lock.

Apply a drop of glue to the end of your extraction tool. Then, you gently press the glued area to the edge of the broken key protruding from the lock. Be very careful that glue doesn’t get inside the lock!

If that happens, you will definitely need your lock replaced. Wait for the glue to dry up so that your tool and the key have bonded. Now gently pull on the tool and hopefully the broken key will start to come out of the lock.

Broke your key inside the lock? You can try taking out the key yourself, but you’ll probably end up damaging the lock. Just call New York Locksmith Networks! We offer emergency locksmith services and cater to all areas of NYC. We’ll have your key out in no time without damaging your lock!

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