4 Reasons Why Just Having Security Cameras Is Not Enough

With over 25 million CCTV cameras installed globally, it is one of the most common safety systems used the world over. Are they really that effective though?

Most security camera installing companies showcase their product as a “protective” system. Research does show that having cameras installed can deter crimes from happening; stating that they can protect property and lives are misleading.

There are many benefits of having a security camera system on your premises but how many of its benefits stop crime from happening?

They don’t make your property more secure

Security cameras are installed as a deterring and observational tool. Relying solely on such a passive system won’t ever be enough.

Criminals don’t fear being captured by CCTV

Think about all the famous kidnapping and murder cases you’ve seen on the news lately. CCTV footage of the perpetrators is aired, proving that CCTVs don’t really stop crime.

What about the burglary that took place at Kim Kardashian’s property in Paris? There was a network of cameras, yet it happened. Hardened criminals aren’t afraid of being captured by security cameras. Most of them are repeat offenders. They’re accustomed to living a life of seclusion and being on the run.

Security cameras don’t physically stop crime

CCTV systems are meant to record and store footage. In the event of any criminal activities like a break-in, these systems alert owners.

Owners then need to take steps to protect themselves and their property. All of this shows the passive nature of this system. There is very little a security camera can do if someone is trying to damage your property. In some instances, crime can go unnoticed too.

Security cameras can be stolen

Ironically, most security cameras aren’t given much protection. They are in plain sight and are not made of indestructible materials. There are additional parts to a system, like the VR, cables and power supply. A thieve experienced enough will know their way around it.

So what should be done to secure your premises?

You need an effective system that restricts unauthorized access. Experts on security will be able to guide you on which lock system you should implement in your home or office. A lock system that secures doors, windows, and other sensitive areas of the property should be installed.

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