Work In Peace—Maximize Your Office Security

Investing in office security should be an important subject of discussion when planning the annual budget. While many consider security implementation measures such as password requirements, blocked websites, and unnecessary training to be a hassle, it creates a secure environment and leads to an increase in productivity.

Security measures should not be viewed as a necessary evil but rather as an investment to mitigate future damages to both the company and its employees.

Here are a few ways you can maximize your office security.


Make it a habit to password-protect your computer; lock drawers; store confidential documents in a secure location even if you have to leave your workplace for a couple of minutes. Before leaving the office, clean the desk and make sure no important documents are left behind. Shut windows and cabinets. A pro-active approach is required of every employee, considering most theft occurs from within the office.


Implement a strict policy of having employee ID cards at all times. Clients and guests should also be handed visitor badges. Having management policies also helps where an employee is assigned to particular visitors while escorting them through office premises. No guest or visitor should be allowed to wander without supervision.


The access control systems should be maintained on a monthly or quarterly basis to check if all security systems are operational. This also includes all doors, gateway, and security cameras.

Ensure Sufficient Lighting

Since most offices have employees leaving late at night, proper lighting systems should be installed in external areas such as parking lots.

Avoid Late Sittings

Certain companies promote a culture of late sittings. This means that often, there are one or two employees left working in the wee hours of the night. Not only does this increase the risk of security for internal theft, but also puts employees at risk. Promote a culture greater efficiency and timings so that employees come in and leave on time.

Install Security Systems

Modern security systems greatly increase security, offering a number of protective services. A biometric system can grant selected access based on a hierarchy and keep a log of people coming in and going.

Most of these are electronic smart locks which cannot be dismantled by simple tools and require some degree of expertise. Also, most locks now come with video and audio recording capabilities, allowing easy identification of any intruders.

Many cases of office break-ins go unreported; this would show a business or company is vulnerable. Apart from the costs incurred from physical damages, the company would have to undergo a PR nightmare.

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