Travel Safe: Ways to Protect Your Luggage

Airport personnel can be quite careless at times and the ones to suffer are the passengers. Passengers often lose their belongings and in some cases, their precious items end up damaged due to poor handling of luggage at the airport.


Between January 2016 and February 2017, more than 7000 claims were filed against the TSA for property loss and damage.

The numbers are staggering to say the least and this highlights the importance of having luggage locks.

What Are Luggage Locks

As the name suggest, these types of locks are used with the luggage. The goal is to ensure that the bags wouldn’t open in the middle of the flight. In addition to that, these locks also protect luggage from thieves.

Why Are These A Good Option?

As stated earlier, luggage locks are actually deterrents that ensure that curious airport staff and handlers are not able to gain access to your belongings. The locks also hold the chains together and prevent the bag from opening.

Some people live in hostels or share rooms with strangers during their trips and it’s only natural that they want to make sure nobody is able to open their bags. Luggage locks can do the trick.


Luggage locks have their fair share of limitations as well. Just a cursory glance on YouTube will give you an idea regarding some of the ways in which these locks can be opened.

This is why it’s also preferable that you keep valuable items in your carry-on bag. Also, know that TSA does not always accept liability for damaged or lost items so it’s important that you practice caution.

TSA Guidelines

Make sure that the locks you use are approved by TSA. Airport personnel are very strict when it comes to security and cut off locks that are not TSA approved or if they feel extra screening is required.

With TSA approved locks, that’s not a problem since airport personnel have the master keys.

What’re the Alternatives Available

In addition to luggage locks, you can also use zip ties. These are so cheap that you won’t be bothered if airport personnel decide to cut them off.

Some travelers also wrap their suitcases in plastic. This service is available at majority of the airports around the country.

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