Seasonal Problems In Door Locks

Being locked out of your car or house can be quite frustrating. In extreme weather conditions, turning locks can be difficult. In most cases, the locks are completely jammed.  We explore problems manifested in locks during extreme weather conditions.

Problems During Summer

Higher temperatures and humidity cause doors to expand slightly. Wooden exterior doors are especially susceptible to expanding in summers. This results in jammed locks that are extremely difficult to open. Deadbolt locks—often installed on exterior doors—get stuck as the wooden frame swells around it in summers.

Jammed Doors In Cold Temperatures

Locks are affected by extreme cold as the doors contract. This causes a misalignment between the lock and the door. Turning a key becomes impossible in such conditions. Many people get locked out of their cars in winters. This happens because the moisture inside the keyhole freezes. Jamming the lock. If you’re stuck in a similar situation give us a call at 347-753-9043 for 24 hour emergency locksmith services in New York.

Seasonal Problems In Keyless Locks

Advanced security systems incorporate keyless locks for efficient security. These are resistant to seasonal effects manifested by standard locks. However there are a few factors to consider in keyless locks.

Electronic keyless locks experience drained batteries in extreme cold. Mechanical keyless locks—with a spring locking mechanism and key pad system. Can undergo performance degradation when exposed to rain or snow. The keypad—used to enter security code—can jam if moisture seeps in and freezes.

Precautionary Steps To Avoid Jammed Locks

Here are a few simple steps to ensure proper working of locks during extreme weather conditions.

  • Lubricate the locks for easy turning in extreme weather conditions
  • Avoid exposing the locks to rain or snow with efficient casing or overhang
  • For electronic keyless locks, replace batteries once every year
  • Go for other materials other than wood for exterior doors. Steel or aluminum doors are much more resilient in extreme weathers.

If you’re experiencing jammed locks, contact professional locksmith services to replace the doors for a proper fitting.

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