Tips on Preventing Your Bike Getting Stolen

You have a shiny new Yamaha R1 which is your pride and joy. You think nothing will go wrong with it as long as you keep it well maintained. You look after all its mechanical needs and make sure it remains spotless. But what if your bike getting stolen? Statistics reveal over 46,000 motorcycles were stolen in the US in 2016. That’s a staggering number. So are you doing enough to protect your bikes from thieves?

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed ways to prevent your motorbike from getting stolen. Motorcycles don’t offer the security standards that cars do for obvious reasons. If a skilled thief has his heart set on stealing your beloved motorbike, there are no locks, alarm systems or garage doors that can’t be defeated. However, there are a variety of precautions you can take to make the prospect of stealing your bike less appealing for thieves.

Locking Up Your Bike

Many riders lock up their bikes to protect them. However, not all of them do it adequately. The ideal way to lock your bike is to fasten its front and rear wheels to an immovable anchor. Now there are three factors here that determine how secure your bike really is. First is the strength of the lock or chain you are using. Make sure you are using a high quality lock or chain. It would be a pity if your 15k dollar motorbike was stolen because the twenty dollar lock and chain you put on the wheel were compromised. Secondly, the part of your bike which you secure it from is of importance. Securing your bike from the wheels is well and good. But remember, it’s not too difficult to remove the wheels of a bike. If your bike allows it, secure it from the frame. Last but not least is the anchor you secure your bike to. If you are using a 500 dollar titanium chain to fasten your bike, it won’t be able to do much if it’s anchored to a measly chain fence. Make sure the immovable anchor is strong.

Ignition Cut-Out Switch

There are two ways your bike can be stolen. Either thieves will load them into a van or truck, or attempt to hotwire them and just ride away. Ignition cut-out switches can certainly prevent the latter from happening as they stop the engine from starting. Thieves often damage the ignition of a motorbike when they attempt to steal it. You may park your bike somewhere and come back to find a ruined ignition switch.  If this happens anywhere in NYC, you can call upon New York Locksmith Networks. We will come to your location to fix or replace your motorcycle ignition.

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