The Serious Dangers Of Breaking Into Your Own Car

Locked out of your vehicle? You were in a hurry and left your keys in the car. Now you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no idea what you are going to do.

Although it is quite natural to panic in such situations, it is important that vehicle owners stay calm and consider the following:

Check All Of The Doors

The first thing that vehicle owners need to do in such situations is check all of the doors of their car and see if any one of the doors is unlocked. Do not forget the trunk either.

Having a spare key can also help. If you do not have the spare key available with you at the moment, you can also contact a friend or a family member and ask them to bring the keys to you. However, in case of an emergency waiting might not be an option.

You Can Break The Car Windows

You have the option of breaking the car windows. However, it is easier said than done. It can be especially tough for people who have never done this before.

Your car windows are designed in such a way that they do not easily get damaged. They consist of multiple layers of glass, which prevent weather elements like rain and moisture from entering your car.

You are going to need something really sharp in order to break the glass. If you use a hammer, make sure you use the claw end. Target the glass around the edges where it is at its weakest.

Break In Into Your Car

You also have the option of unlocking the car on your own. You can do so using tools like wire coat hangers in order to unlock the door. The process does require some effort and there is a risk of damaging your door.

Towing Services

This is the fastest and the easiest way of unlocking your car door. All you really need to do is provide the towing company with your location and phone number. You also need to provide a policy number to the towing company.

You can contact the car insurance agent in order to find out if you have policy or not. Usually car insurance companies do not offer roadside assistance.

With roadside coverage, you will have to pay a lower amount when you opt for towing services. You also get warranty for the services that are provided to you. In case, your insurance company will refer you to the most reliable towing truck service providers.

While it is true that you can choose to break into your own car in case you get locked out, this is not always the most preferable option. There are certain problems that you are likely to face when you try to break into your car.

Some of the issues that you might face include:

There Is A Chance You Might Get Hurt

On the surface, the process of opening your car door using everyday tools like crowbars and screwdrivers might seem really easy. However, there is always a chance of you getting hurt.

You can use tools like twisted hangers and screwdrivers in order to unlock the car. However, there is a chance your grip might slip and you accidentally stab yourself in the arm.

You will require urgent medical care in such cases. Your wounds might need stitching or the medical personnel might recommend you to take antibiotics.

It is best to instead rely on professional locksmiths who are experienced in handling these kinds of issues.

You Might End Up Causing Damage To The Car

There is always a chance you might damage your car when you try to break into it. Usually the process of breaking into the car involves either breaking the locks or smashing the windows. There is also a chance that you might end up damaging the car’s paint or its body.

Repairing all of these items can be quite costly, because of which it is best to instead rely on professionals.

You Will Not Get Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance does not offer coverage for intentional acts. While it is, true that comprehensive coverage might cover costs related to broken glass however, that is only when the car window or glass breaks because of external factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Rock or dirt accumulates and ends up cracking or breaking your windshield.
  • A tree branch which has fallen on your vehicle
  • A thief breaks your car window in order to gain entry to your vehicle

Therefore, keep in mind that breaking the car window is not an option. What you can do instead is get in touch with the police for assistance. As mentioned previously you also have the option of getting in touch with towing truck companies.

You Might Face Legal Issues

Just imagine; you are in the process of breaking into your own car, and a police car, which is passing by, sees you. They are likely to assume that you are a thief who is trying to steal a car.

You will have to provide the police with the license and registration in order to verify that this indeed is your car however, what if you do not have either of these documents at the time. It can be very tough to provide an explanation to the police and you might end up getting into legal trouble.

You Might Become A Target Of A Crime

You are stuck in a deserted area and are so engrossed in the process of breaking into your car that you do not realize that there is a person creeping up behind you with a gun.

The next thing you know you are a victim of a crime. In addition to taking your money, the thief might also end up stealing your car.

Breaking Into Your Car Is Not As Easy As It Sounds

Nowadays, cars have several additional security features like alarms, which make it pretty hard for anyone to break in. In addition to that, cars nowadays are generally more sturdy.

Breaking into them is not easy. You can spend an entire day and yet you might not be able to open up the doors.

Due to all of these aforementioned problems, it is best to avoid breaking into your car. Instead, what you can do is seek assistance from locksmiths.

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