5 Situations an Automobile Locksmith Can Help You Out With

It’s an ordinary Monday morning; you woke late, got ready in a haze, forgetting to take your customary morning coffee. You make your way to the car, wondering where you kept the keys; they were in your hands a moment ago, or were they in your pocket?

After you’ve rummaged your bag and pockets, a horrible realization sets in—did you leave the car keys inside the car…again?

Car keys are the most neglected item a person can own; they get lost even when you keep them securely in your bags. In situation like these, if your go-to move is to put a brick through the window, stop; there are better and simpler ways to get access to your car—like automobile locksmith in New York City.

Here is a list of situations they can help you out with.

5 Situations A Locksmith Can Save You From

Locked Your Key Inside The Car

Human are forgetful. If people can forget their kids and pets in the car, leaving your key inside is a fairly harmless mistake.

This problem can easily be evaded with a duplicate key, stowed in your home. But if its misplaced or you can’t remember the secure location you used to hide it, then a locksmith can come to your rescue.

Contact a locksmith service immediately.

Losing Your Car Keys

Does every morning begin with a lost and found search for your car keys? Then you are a forgetful soul that needs his keys chained to his finger.

But even after necessary precautions you end up losing your car keys, your ultimate solace lies in an automotive locksmith. There are several auto key replacement providers in NYC, who provide emergency services for such situations just call and get your hand on a new pair of keys within a few hours.

But to avoid similar situation in the future, here are some tips to keep your keys secure:

  • Allocate a designated spot for your car keys; place your keys in the holder as soon as you step inside the house. Make this a ritual to prevent your keys from getting lost.
  • Paint your keys with glow-in-the dark nail enamel, markers, or paint. This will make it easier to locate them in your big-dark bag. It’s better to designate a small pocket in your bag for the keys, but if you don’t have sufficient space, this trick should work for you.
  • Use technologies to track your keys, Bluetooth enabled key chains are now available in the market. Buy one to keep a track of your keys with your mobile.
  • Un-clutter the area where you store your keys, to avoid losing them in the mess.
  • If you are aware of your forgetful habit, ask a commercial locksmith to make a duplicate key for you. Keep it safe and secure is a drawer or safe that you don’t use on a regular basis. Write down the storage location in your phone, take a picture, or inform your wife or a friend. This way you won’t forget about your backup plan as well.

Damaged The Key

A damaged key doesn’t necessarily mean that your key is broken or

bent; there are groves on the key that help in the unlocking mechanism.

If the groves of the key are altered, they fail to work. Keys can sustain damage due to various reasons.

Using a wrong key to open a different car can cause denting on the structure. If it falls,/breaks or bends, the key becomes useless; key can also get stuck in a socket and get damaged.

Using a damaged key to start your car can further cause damage to the socket or the ignition; you need to get professional help immediately to make sure you don’t face a bigger problem in the future, like getting your key stuck in the ignition.

In order to prevent the key from breaking follow these tips:

  • Assess the situation and avoid pushing or turning the key with force.
  • The problem might not be with the key, but your car’s ignition cylinder, transmission, or the battery.
  • If you feel that something is obstructing the keyhole, lubricate the pathway and the key. Try moving the key with small amount of force. If it moves, you are good to go.
  • If you feel that attempting a DIY or physical tampering with the key can cause damage to your car’s ignition cylinder, call a locksmith for help immediately.

Locked Inside The Car

There are a couple of reasons that can cause your locks to become non-functional such as:

  • The car’s key fob battery is dead and the locks have become unresponsive.
  • There might be something wrong with the key fob; the software can be outdated, making the unlocking signal weak for your car. This makes replacement necessary.
  • The fuse of the lock might be faulty.
  • The power to the lock system might be obstructed, due to a loose or broken wire.

Unlocking The Car Trunk

Car trunk getting inaccessible is a common situation, you might need your spare tire and jack, but a faulty lock can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. It’s better to call for an emergency auto locksmith to make your car accessible. Generally, there are three major reasons for the car trunk not opening:

  • Locking the keys in the trunk
  • The truck lock can be broken. Excessive force, broken or damaged key, or a faulty key fob can be the reason behind this lockout situation.
  • Dead batteries or a faulty programming of the key fob.

Stay calm. Take a deep breath and try unlocking the trunk manually. If this does not work, move on to another access route. In some cars, backseats can be moved to access the trunk. If you urgently need to get something from your trunk, use this method. But in the long-run, you need to get your locks fixed from a trusted automotive locksmith.

Be Prepared

When dealing with a lockout or a damaged key, avoid performing a DIY. You might end up damaging the car’s lock system beyond repair.

Loosening the lock with a hanger wire may seem easy, but the lock mechanism is made out of small and delicate parts. So, unless you have a previous history of car break-ins, leave the unlocking to the professionals.

A locksmith can save you from many lockout situations, which is why you need to keep a trusted lock-buster on your speed dial like, New York Locksmith Networks Inc. We are at your service 24/7, dial 9174721252 to avail our emergency services.

We provide lost car key replacement for variety of cars. You can install new locks, adjust car key programming, access car control system, and install buzzers, cameras, security system, and intercom for your car in affordable and fair prices. Our locksmith services are also available for residential, industrial, and commercial tasks.

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