How Do People in Hollywood Protect Their Homes?

With stardom comes a plethora of perks such as free clothes, sponsorship deals, and a small army of devoted fans that adore you. However, something else that really no one ever talks about is the lack of privacy these celebrities suffer from.

Overexposure on the media has led many people to think of these celebrities as fair game, which is why there have been many instances of home invasion. Once the victims were apprehended, the investigations committee soon found out that these celebrities had made things much easier for the criminals. It became public knowledge that these Hollywood stars often forget to set their home alarms, and never even bothered locking the front door of their properties!

Nowadays, celebrities have gotten their act together, and use the latest home security systems to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Here are a few ways celebrities protect their homes today.

1. Biometrics

Bio-metrics has completely revolutionized home security systems. Relying on physical features like fingerprints and iris scans, these state of the art cameras have a very high success rate at stopping unauthorized personnel.

What makes bio-metrics so effective is the fact that most come armed with a silent alarm. Once it’s triggered, the matter is quietly reported to local law enforcement. This allows the thieves to continue looting without knowing that the cops are on their way!

Because of the higher rate of apprehension that bio-metrics practically guarantee, it comes as a surprise to no one that celebrities have adapted this system to beef up security at their homes.

2. Secure the Doggy Door

Everyone loves having a furry, adorable best friend and Hollywood celebrities are no different. However, what people don’t realize is that dogs often compromise the security of their house. Confused? Allow us to explain.

Ask anyone who has a dog and they’ll tell you that they love entering and leaving the house as they please. Because most homeowners hate getting out of their bed to let their canine friends out of the house, they install dog flaps on their doors. Although this allows dogs to enter and leave the premises of their house as they please, it also leaves the door open to intruders!

This is why celebrities with dogs go out of their way to secure the doggy door in their house. Some even have hidden cameras monitoring these flap doors. By doing so, they minimize the chances of intruders and significantly enhance home security.

3. 24/7 Monitoring

The importance of home surveillance in ensuring security cannot be emphasized enough. Recent estimates indicate that more than 40 million surveillance cameras are installed in the United States alone! A major bulk of these security cameras are installed in the houses on the Hollywood hills as stars go out of their way to protect their homes from would be intruders.

Surveillance cameras record everything that happens on a property, and can effectively fend off intruders from entering your premises. Recent technological advancements have made it possible for celebrities to monitor what goes on in their homes via remote monitoring. This makes their lives easier as they can be on a different continent filming a project, and yet still be fully aware of what happens in their homes!

4. Posting Less Pictures of Their House

These days, celebrities make the effort to post less pictures of the interior of their house. Don’t believe us? Pull up the Instagram profile of your favorite celebrity and you’ll notice that all pictures they take at home are usually from the same room or show very little of the background.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that people on the internet can use the background of your pictures to piece together the blueprints of your house. This gives intruders a strategic advantage as they can locate security cameras and devise cunning plans using this information. Therefore, it’s always a wise idea to post less pictures of your house, because it can have disastrous consequences in the long run!

Now that we know the common measures employed by A-list Hollywood celebrities, it’s time we turn our attention to some showbiz stars that take it to the next level.

1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is known far and wide for playing a number of iconic characters from the unmistakable Edward Scissor hands in the 90’s to the eccentric Mad Hatter in recent years. However, Johnny Depp’s most recognizable character has to be Captain Jack Sparrow, an incredibly laid-back pirate that never takes life too seriously.

However, as far as home security is concerned, Johnny Depp is the exact opposite of his most iconic character. Mindful of security, this Hollywood megastar lives in a castle that has turrets, battlements and watchtowers! Furthermore, there are armed guards strategically stationed on his property and security cameras that monitor every inch of the house.

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Although the power couple isn’t together anymore, there’s no denying the cultural impact Brangelina has had on Hollywood. The couple has actively participated in numerous humanitarian projects and has certainly done their bit to help those in need.

The couple has also set a good example for celebrities looking to fortify their defenses against home intruders. Brangelina has spent more than $235 million to improve their home security installing motion-sensing cameras and digital fingerprint scanners on every door of their house.

Furthermore, they’ve also invested heavily in bio-metrics to beef up security. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also known for employing Special Air Services (a specialized British army unit) as security guards to guarantee maximum security!

3. 50 Cent

Hip-hop legend 50 cent (real name Curtis Jackson) first burst on to the scene as part of the iconic N.W.A. group, and later cemented his place in the hip-hop hall of fame with a highly decorated solo career. Throughout the years, 50 cent has bragged about his riches and is perhaps the biggest advocate of an extravagant lifestyle.

Therefore, it comes as a surprise to no one that the rapper is also one of the highest spenders on home security. Living in a lavish mansion in Connecticut, 50 cent spends nearly $20,000 per week on home surveillance. His house has hundreds of security cameras secretly recording everything that happens. The rapper also keeps a small army of highly trained security guards on payroll, bringing his total spending to more than $1 million per year!

We understand that the average person can’t spend that much on home security. However, people can look at these examples, learn from them, and implement their practices on their houses.

Right off the bat, you should realize that every celebrity on this list has invested in security cameras. Furthermore, bio-metrics also seems to be a reliable and foolproof way of preventing intruders. Given the fact that these two measures don’t cost much and are extremely effective, we highly recommend installing them in your house.

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