How Technology Has Revolutionized Home Security

We live in an era that is dominated by technology. From the way we watched movies to the way we work—all areas of life have been impacted. Home security is no different.
Whether it is the incorporation of IoT technology or the employment of wireless monitoring, aspects of home security have been completely revolutionized.
Here are some ways technology has changed home security by leaps and bounds:

Remote Monitoring

As the name suggests, remote monitoring involves keeping track of your home while being away. With the latest security systems, you can receive images and videos of your home while you are away for a week or so.

Other remote monitoring functions include sending fire alerts and providing streaming feeds whenever you want.

Smart Locks

With all things going smart, locks could not stay behind. The smart lock, using Bluetooth sensors, can discern your presence and open the door for you. These digital locks also keep strangers at bay.

Another feature of the smart lock is that it connects with your home’s devices and works in harmony with them. For instance, it can detect that you are away and instruct the thermostat to adjust temperature accordingly.

Home Sensors

Home sensors have the ability to identify your presence through motion detection, winks, etc. They can be planted on doors and windows and can be connected to your smartphones.

What’s more, these sensors can detect weapons and immediately send you notification. In the event of a break in, they can send audio and visual warnings.

Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint scanners are gaining wide popularity. Although the technology is still in its basic form, they still enhance home security.

Employing fingerprint scanners, you can limit entry to your house and make it safer.

Smart Camera

The smart security cameras come with a WiFi connectivity feature. This means that you can get live feeds of your home at any particular moment in time.

Moreover, it records everything. In case of a burglary, this recording can serve as crucial evidence.

Home Automation System

With home automation system, you can easily control the locks, cameras and other smart systems in your house while being away.

This gives you incredible control over the security and protection of your house. Connected with your smartphones and tablets, the home automation system provides peace of mind to home owners.

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