Patience is Key: Why Breaking into Your Car Is a Bad Idea

Why Breaking into Your Car Is a Bad Idea

Did you just get locked outside your car? Have you lost your keys or forgotten them inside the vehicle? Whatever the case might be, the only solution now is to call an emergency locksmith service to help you.

If you’re thinking of breaking into your car, then DON’T! We advise you to not lose your cool and doing something foolish like breaking the lock or smashing a window.

Let’s take a look at problems that can stem from attempting to break into your own car.

You Could Face Legal Trouble

Even though you are breaking into your own car, you could be facing legal trouble if you do so. If your car is parked in a parking lot and a passerby sees you meddling with the locks or holding a heavy tool to break the glass, they are bound to find it suspicious.

They might call the cops on you. That will start an unnecessary drama that could have been avoided had you just called a professional locksmith.

While you might not get arrested for your actions, you have to present your ID, license and car papers as proof of property.

If your thoughtless attempts caused damage to other cars or innocent bystanders, you could actually end up being sued or arrested.

You Might Damage Your Vehicle

If you try prying the door open with a sharp object, you will end up damaging your c

ar by accident.

The seal around the window will be damaged and your car will be littered with scratched paint. If you tamper with the lock, you will break it and have to pay for the replacement.

You Might End Up Hurting Yourself

Being locked outside your car late at night puts you in an unsafe situation. Don’t attempt to break into your car and ignore your surroundings. It will leave you vulnerable to thefts.

It’s best to go back inside a safe building or a busy area and wait for the locksmith to arrive for your own personal safety.

You Might Incur Extra Costs

Why add insult to injury? The cost of replacing a damaged lock or car window is more expensive than the meager price charged by a locksmith.

Not only will you have to send your car in for building and maintenance, but you will also be paying thousands of dollars in property damage.

Anti-Theft Technology Has Made It Harder

With anti-theft technology being constantly updated to prevent car theft in the last 15 years, it is likely that breaking into your car will be difficult. A proof of this is the declining crime rate in NYC with a marginal decrease in car theft seen in the last 23 years.

If you ever find yourself locked outside your car, we hope you call our locksmith service in New York.

We provide 24-hour locksmith service to residents and car owners living in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC.

Contact us for a wide range of quality locksmith services at the most reasonable prices!

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