Car Doors Won’t Unlock? Here Are the Reasons

When we think about car issues and repairs; flat tires and engine problems usually come to mind. What people seem to forget is that faulty car doors can be a frustrating experience as well.

If you have lost your keys and are locked outside your car, it is best to get a locksmith to help you out.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why car doors won’t unlock.

Door Lock Actuator Is Broken

An actuator controls your car doors. It is an electrically powered motor that opens or closes the doors upon receiving a signal.

In modern cars, actuators are controlled by fob keys and buttons. When you insert your keys or press on the button, all the car doors automatically lock or unlock, depending on your command.

If the actuator breaks, it means that signals are not being transmitted correctly, which prevents locks from working.

The locks may work if you manually open or close them. But it’s better to have the electrical wiring checked out.

Faulty Handles

A well-functioning handle is necessary to be able to open car doors. If you feel like your interior handle is feeling fragile or if it isn’t moving smoothly, get it checked out before it breaks and locks you inside.

Similarly, the exterior car door handles must work smoothly as well. If they loosen due to an accident or break off, it will be difficult to open the car door from the outside.

Rigid Doors

Has it ever happened that you have successfully unlocked the doors, but when you go to pull the door handle, it won’t budge?

The doors become rigid due to the lack of lubrication. They might squeak as you swing them out or the hinges might get stuck in the process. A little oil on the door hinges will do the trick.

Damaged Electric Track Doors

Large cars and minivans have tracks with sliding passenger doors. The automatic system in the car enables doors to open and close by design.

If the electrical signal is disrupted due to any reason, then the door tracks might malfunction and jam the doors shut. If you hear a clicking sound and the door does not unlock, then have the damaged electric tracks fixed immediately.

Security Deadlock

The car deadlock is a security measure installed in vehicles to prevent thieves from breaking into cars.

They are high-security locks that are fitted in addition to standard door locks. It stops the car doors from opening from the inside and outside.

If you have your keys and remote control on you, then you can easily get inside the car. However, if you’ve misplaced them or locked them inside, then you won’t be able to get inside.

If you’ve lost your car keys or if the door lock is jammed, call an automobile locksmith service to solve your vehicle lock key issues.

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