Money Saving Tips on Locksmith Services

Who doesn’t like to save money? At New York Locksmith Networks, we are always looking out for new ways to help our valued customers save some cash. Some locksmith and security services can get pretty expensive. Here are some simple tips you can use to avoid big locksmith bills.

Call a Locksmith during Normal Business Hours

In most cases, people wait until the last hour to call upon locksmith services and it’s their procrastination that costs them money. If the lock on your door doesn’t open easily and is making strange noises, there is probably something wrong with it. Don’t wait until it refuses to open at all. Locksmith companies can charge up to twice as much for late night and weekend services than they would during normal operating hours.

Keep Your Locks Well Maintained

There are many ways to keep your locks operating well all by yourself. One of them is regular lubrication. Just spray your locks with WD-40 spray from time to time and you will be less likely to encounter problems such as keys getting stuck inside locks.

Get a Spare Key Made Before You Need One

People often look back in regret at the opportunities they had to get a spare key made before they lost the original one. Now they have to pay more money as brand new keys cost a lot more than duplicating an existing key.

It can get even worse when it comes to car keys. It was quite simple in the old days to get a car key duplicated. Now however, cars come with smart keys that have transponder chips attached. If you lose your car keys, the locksmith will have to access the manufacturer’s key files to obtain the codes needed for coding the new key. It’s a time consuming and expensive process.

Get Your Locks Rekeyed Rather Than Replaced

Imagine you just moved into a new home. The door locks look alright but some of them are missing keys. Your instincts will tell you to get all the locks replaced. This will mean all new hardware and keys and probably quite a large bill. What if we tell you there is a cheaper way? Instead of replacing all the locks, you can just get your existing locks rekeyed. This means you get to keep the old hardware and only need to get the inner cylinders of the locks changed to accept new keys.

Consider a reliable locksmith company. New York Locksmith Networks are a family owned locksmith service provider in NYC. We value our regular clients and will go out of our way to let them know about all available discounts and promotions!

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