Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: Kinds of Lock Emergencies

It’s no secret that burglary is very common in United States. In fact, back in 2016, there more than 278,000 cases of break ins at night and around 486,000 break ins during the day.

You never know when you might become a victim of a burglary and need house lockout service. For starters, you need to pay special attention to the condition of the locks.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems with it that can leave you vulnerable:

Locks Are Worn-out

A worn-out lock can be a major security issue since it’s very easy to pick and break it.

Get the lock fixed as soon as you detect signs of rust. Sometimes, the problem might not be immediately apparent. Keep an eye out for the signs. If you’re facing difficulty opening the lock, get in touch with a professional locksmith.

Stolen or Lost Keys  

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Did you lose your keys? Maybe they got stolen? In either case, get the locks replaced. If that’s not possible, you should at least rekey the locks. It all really depends on the kind of locks you have in your home.

Moreover, it also depends on the kind of key that has been lost or stolen. For example, if the key belongs to door on the outdoors, it will be a good idea to replace the lock. However, if it’s for indoors, rekeying would suffice.

Keyless entry systems eliminate the need for keys altogether. In addition to that, if you’re in the habit of losing their keys, we’d suggest you leave your spare keys with a friend or neighbor.


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We’ve already talked about how common burglaries are in the United States. Burglars use force to break the door and enter your lock and a high-quality lock can be a lifesaver in such situations.

If you’ve been a victim of a burglary, get the locks replaced immediately. Inform the authorities and speak with your local locksmith for top-notch security solutions to prevent this from happening in the future.

We can help. Dial 347-753-9043 to get in touch with us right now. We offer 24-hour locksmith services in New York. We offer both commercial as well as residential locksmith NYC services in the city.

You can count on us for reliable and high-quality services.

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