What to Do When You Can’t Find Your Car Keys!

People don’t realize how important their car keys are until they lose them. Furthermore, losing your car keys can be...


Scams of the Locksmith World – How to Avoid Them

To the people locked out of their cars and homes, emergency locksmiths offer a priceless service. Their ability to either...


A Brief History of Locks and Security

Although you may not think about locks often, they play a vital role in society. Depending on where the locks...

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Some Interesting Facts About Locksmiths

Need to know what are the interesting facts about locksmiths?


How Do People in Hollywood Protect Their Homes?

With stardom comes a plethora of perks such as free clothes, sponsorship deals, and a small army of devoted fans...

Increased Security

Are Bio-metrics Worth The Investment?

Bio-metrics have amped up security and made things much safer for employees and employers—but are they worth the investment? Recent...

Calling a Dealership

Locksmiths vs Dealerships — When Two Car Key Replacement Juggernauts Collide

Losing your car keys is somewhat of a nightmare. The frustration coupled with the feeling of guilt.

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Caught Red Handed! 5 Common Tricks and How to Counter Them

While mainstream media will have you believe that burglars are nothing but mere bumbling buffoons, there’s a distinct element of...

Metal Lockmith security

The Dos and Don’ts of Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security is your first line of defense against thieves and intruders. Make sure it’s fortified by following these simple...

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