As Solid As Fort Knox: Security Measures That Guarantee the Safety of Commercial Buildings

Safety and security should be the core principles of every organization. Many companies think that security cameras will be enough to keep trouble at bay (which is why nearly 48% of the offices in America have installed surveillance cameras).

Unfortunately, security cameras (on their own) offer little to no security whatsoever. There are many cunning ways to get around them and this puts employees at risk.

If you run a commercial building, you need to act on the following security tips to guarantee the safety of your employees.

1. Perimeter Protection:

The first thing you need to do to ensure the safety of your employees is to secure the perimeter of the building. Investing in a chain link fence with barbed wire on top is a great idea as it deters people from trying to enter the compound.

You should also try to set up designated entrance and exit gates so that people can come and leave in an orderly manner. These gates are a crucial part of perimeter protection so spare no expense and invest heavily in a high-end, extremely safe gate.

2. Security Staff:

Goes without saying that security personnel is a crucial part of ensuring the safety of your building. It would be impractical to have a security officer for every floor of the building; you need to strategically position the little security staff you have so as to optimize their coverage!

Station your security officers at the entrance and exit of the compound, at the parking lot and at the elevator; this reduces chances of foul play significantly.

3. Installing High End Security Cameras:

Fixed, unidirectional security cameras are archaic in these modern times. It should come as a surprise to no one that the world of security cameras has been completely revolutionized by technological advancements.

Nowadays there’s a plethora of camera options to choose from.

You can opt for motion sensing security cameras that offer savings on footage tape by recording only when something moves in their vicinity or you can choose to install thermal imaging cameras that trigger only when a person moves in their line of sight. These smart surveillance cameras save energy and footage space while effectively doubling up the security at a commercial building.

4. Restricted Areas:

There’s no point in giving your employees total and complete access to the entire building. From the perspective of security, there are many sensitive points that can compromise the safety of the building.

Therefore, it’s important to only allow authorized personnel in that area. Discourage your employees from visiting these areas by restricting their access and stationing a security officer at these points.

Invest in access control systems is always a great idea because they allow managers and owners to analyze the vulnerabilities of their buildings so that they can be fortified.

Access control includes employee identification, employee authentication, and access approval so it’s a pretty secure system to have in place.

5. Invest In Bio-metrics:

Bio-metric security is a major milestone in the world of safety. By relying on a personal’s physical characteristics like fingerprints and retina etc., these bio-metric security safety systems have proven to be impregnable.

In fact, bio-metric security is so effective that one of the biggest electronics companies in the world, Samsung, implemented it on their latest flagship phone, i.e. the S8!

Commercial buildings should rely heavily on bio-metrics as they’re very difficult to falsify and provide a great deal of security to the office. Moreover, it also makes getting into the office easy for your employees as they don’t have to shuffle through their bags to find clearance cards and can use fingerprints to enter and exit the building!

6. Utilizing Alarm Systems:

Nothing deters attackers more than alarms. Their high-pitched noise, coupled with the flashing red light, is enough to send shivers down the spine of any person with ill intent.

Alarm systems are great because not only do they make unauthorized personnel feel nervous and anxious, they also alert your security staff who can apprehend them. Moreover, by installing alarms, you let your security staff know exactly where the alarm has triggered so that they can make their way to that part of the building!

7. Upgrade Your Gate:

By far, the most common vulnerability in commercial buildings is the main gate. This makes the rest of the structure a soft target. Therefore, it is crucial for building owners to fortify the first point of contact with attackers. Invest in a heavy gate that doesn’t open easily to put off would be attackers.

Investing in a barrier at the parking lot of your commercial building is also a good idea. A barrier forces people to slow down and prove their identification to security guards. This ensures that only your employees enter your building.

8. New Locks:

When moving into new office space, the importance of new locks cannot be understated. Think about it this way, every single employee, current and former, have/had access to the office building.

The probability of one of those employees to lose the access card, or hand it over to someone with ill intent is high. Replace or update the locking mechanisms.

Make the smart decision and get new door locks to put off attackers from invading your office. It’s also wise to give the keys to the new locks to people who need it; for example, the head of security at your office should always have the master key.

Install new locks and keep its keys under strict observation to maximize security!

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