5 Common Myths Surrounding Locksmiths

With movie personalities such as MacGyver, Sherlock Holmes or James Bond picking locks with easy, it’s no wonder there are myths surrounding the act. Here are 5 common myths surrounding locksmiths.

They keep a copy of your key

This is the most common myth that comes to mind. Just because they make an extra copy of your key doesn’t turn them into potential offenders. Your locksmith will make the copy in your presence and will hand in your original key once done.

Once the original is in your possession, it’s very challenging making a copy of a key with another copy. Each copy is inferior to the original with its accuracy minimized.

They are restricted to residential services

Many locksmiths offer a wide range of services from automotive locksmith to industrial and commercial locksmiths. They are well equipped with all tools necessary providing you with the solutions. This can happen to be repairing a car ignition to installing commercial grade locks.

All Locksmiths are trustworthy

An “out of town” locksmith will be the first to respond to your call. They will offer to perform the service in a short span of time and will quote a relatively low price. They then proceed to take hours to perform the service, and end up charging hundreds of dollars.

Do your research before-hand. Ask for credentials; having a locksmith license is required in most states. Your research may cost you more time but will get you legit services.

Break a window, it’ll be cheaper

Unless you have money to burn or glass supplier at the ready, calling a locksmith is definitely cheaper than breaking in. Prices for locksmith services vary greatly from region to region.

Most locksmiths in NYC offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services Call them up and get a quote.

They all use the same grade of tools

If every locksmith company was using the same grade of tools, there would be no difference in services. There are two factors that matter: a) the quality of the equipment they use; b) the expertise, skill and the experience of the locksmith. It’s never just one over the other. It’s both!

The next time you find yourself needing a locksmith; just remember to contact New York Locksmith Networks to avail the services of the best in the business.

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