The Curious Case of Surveillance Cameras – Are They as Foolproof As Everyone Thinks?

CCTV cameras have become synonymous with the term ‘security systems’. Not only do they allow security teams to monitor everything that goes on in their premises, it provides peace of mind.

However, modern research claims that these surveillance cameras aren’t as effective as everyone believes. In fact, reports published by the BBC and the Guardian clearly state that CCTV cameras aren’t as foolproof as everyone believes.

These reports go on to claim that our over-reliance is massive security flaw that needs to be overcome sooner rather than later!

Unfortunately, these reports have caused more confusion than clarity as people these days simply don’t know if they can rely on CCTV cameras anymore. To help them out, we’ve decided to analyze both sides of the argument. Join us as we try to determine the effectiveness of security cameras in today’s day and age.

Merits of Installing CCTV Cameras:

Here’s why people believe that surveillance cameras are the best safety measure:

1.      Deter Crime:

As discussed above, surveillance cameras have become synonymous with the word security. In fact, when most people picture a highly fortified building, they always imagine security teams wearing all-black outfits, and tons of CCTV cameras on every corner!

As most people associate them with high-level security, surveillance cameras have proven to be amazing at deterring criminals. It’s an open secret that thieves and burglars are less likely to strike if they know their movements are being tracked.

Therefore, the best aspect of installing CCTV cameras is that they stop potential intruders from acting out and prevent your building from becoming a soft target.

2.      Monitor Your Premises:

Another reason why surveillance cameras have become so popular in recent years is because they allow security teams to monitor everything that happens on their premises. By analyzing footage collected by these cameras, you can see if anyone on your property is behaving strangely and act accordingly.

What’s even better about these cameras is that they’re not just great at stopping crime, but they can also increase productivity. If you’re getting tired of your employees taking long smoke breaks, you can always install security cameras and let them know that their actions are being monitored.

Because of how effective this technique has proven to be, some organizations have even resorted to the installation of dummy cameras on their premises.Employees or would-be intruders don’t know any better when they spot these fake cameras and tend to mind their own business.

3.      Gather Evidence:

Security cameras also do a good job gathering evidence against blacklisted individuals. What’s great about modern CCTV cameras is that they don’t only have the ability to capture video footage, but they can record audio as well.

This comes in handy especially during legal proceedings as these cameras can provide concrete evidence. Given the fact that eye-witnesses can change their statements (for one reason or another), the footage provided by these cameras can resolve legal matters and ensure that justice is done.

The Limitations of CCTV Cameras:

Now that we understand the merits of installing security cameras, it’s time we turn our attention to why people have turned away from them in recent years. Here’s why these cameras (on their own) offer little to no security whatsoever!

1        Offer No Real Time Solutions:

It’s easy to understand the charm of security cameras. They allow your security team to monitor everything that happens on your premises from the comfort of an air-conditioned room. This is why there are more than 40 million active CCTV cameras installed in the United States today!

Even though they’re ridiculously common these days, surveillance cameras offer little no real-time solutions. Often security cameras prove to be useful to find the perpetrator after a crime has been committed. Case in point; the catching of the Boston marathon bombers was facilitated by CCTV camera footage.

However, the point still stands; it’s incredibly difficult to stop crimes in progress using surveillance cameras alone. This is why most companies these days use security cameras to complement their existing security measures (more on that later).

2        Surprisingly Easy to Cheat:

Another reason why big organizations don’t rely solely on surveillance cameras is because they’re really easy to cheat. Hypothetically speaking, there are infinite ways to get around security cameras. People with harmful intent have used fake mustaches, hoodies, and sunglasses etc. to conceal their identity.

What’s even more alarming is the fact that security cameras often have a blind spot. If organizations aren’t careful where they install their CCTV cameras, thieves and intruders can plot their movement and get around them without being showing up on CCTV footage.

Therefore, if your security relies solely on surveillance cameras, you need to meticulously plan to avoid these blind spots by strategically installing CCTV cameras.

3        No Alarms Raised:

By far, the worst thing about traditional security cameras is that they don’t raise alarms. Therefore, if your security team isn’t careful, thieves and intruders can slip by without being spotted. This is a major obstacle to overcome and has turned numerous organizations away from using surveillance cameras.

The Final Verdict:

Even though surveillance cameras provide great cover, they’re not without their shortcomings. In fact, if you want to make sure that no harm befalls your employees or your loved ones, it’s clear to see that security cameras,on their own, simply don’t offer enough.

Thankfully, recent technological advancements show promising signs and can guarantee your safety when used in conjunction with security cameras.To fortify your defenses against intruders and thieves, you can rely on biometrics as they’re incredibly difficult to beat. Smart scanners like fingerprint and retina scanners can be installed on the entrance and exit points of your commercial building to ensure that unauthorized personnel doesn’t cause you too much grief.

However, the best way to guarantee your safety is still to rely on new and reinforced locks. There are countless designs commercially available that that are impossible to pick or break and can, therefore, decrease your chances of getting robbed.

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