Too Much Junk In The Trunk? 5 Sure Fire Ways Of Opening A Stuck Trunk!

One of the few ridiculous problems of an older car is when you can’t open a stuck trunk. A stuck trunk is more common that we’d like, and when it happens at the wrong times. it WILL make your blood boil.

Imagine driving out of the city to camp out in the woods but once you get there, you can’t get your trunk to open. Now you’re in the middle of nowhere with no supplies and no help—not fun!

A stuck trunk has the potential to ruin big plans.

Dealing with a stuck trunk? Give these methods a try.

1) Use the manual lock

Trunks belonging to newer cars will open via remote controls, but they still do come with a key and lock. Before going into frenzy, take a deep breath and try unlocking the trunk the old school way—put the key in the lock. Yes, some newer cars will still have an actual lock.

There are many reasons as to why a remote-control key may not work. The battery in the remote may need to be replaced or the electrical components inside the remote are broken therefore the signal isn’t being transferred to the trunk properly.

When technology fails, doing things manually is the way to go.

2) Look for a car trunk latch release

Some cars are equipped with a car trunk latch release which will let you open the trunk by manually releasing the latch.

Trunk car latch releases are usually located on the inside of the vehicle. They can look like a lever or a ripcord button.

For the majority of cars, the latch is positioned right at the back of the car’s trunk or next to the wheel-well adjacent to the trunk on the outside of the car.

If you have a minivan, the latch could be located in the luggage area below a trim panel.

Once you’ve found the latch release, simply pull it to open your trunk right up.

3) Climb into the trunk via the backseat

You should have access to your trunk from the inside of the car when you put down your back seat. Go ahead and drop your backseats, empty out as much of the content of your trunk and look for the emergency release. Use a trigger such a screwdriver to push down the release to pop the trunk right open.

Do not close the trunk until the mechanism is fixed or else you’ll have to climb back in there and do it all over again.

4) Drill out the lock

No one wants to purposely damage their car but sometimes that’s just what you have to do. Drilling the lock of your car isn’t ideal at all.

It can ruin your car and will cost you quite a bit of money to fix it. You will have to destroy the entire lock and drill your way down to the tumbler pin which should pop your trunk open.

The entire lock will have to be replaced and if you’ve damaged your car in the process that will need to be repaired too to ensure your trunk is secured properly (and so your car doesn’t look like a mess).

It just takes a few minutes but make sure you use the right tools and apply the correct method to minimize the damage to your car.

  • Before you begin drilling, apply spray lubricant on the drill-bit and the lock. There is bound to be friction between the lock and the drill bit – you don’t want to ruin drill and still have a stuck trunk too. Be sure to spray the inside of the lock to make the drilling easier.
  • Position the tip of the drill bit into the keyhole. Take a deep breath, steady your arm and pull the trigger. As you drill through the hole, continue to use the lubricant generously on both the drill bit and the keyhole.
  • You may need to push and pull the drill bit in the keyhole for the trunk to finally open up.

Note: This can be unsafe. Please incorporate safety measures if you’re taking on this task. Be safe and put on some safety goggles

5) Call the professionals

The professionals in this case don’t have to be car mechanics, just professional locksmiths that have tons of experience in repairing and/or replacing all types of locks – including automobile locks.

Hiring a professional locksmith can prevent you from potentially damaging your trunk – hey not all of us are great with a hand drill.

Professional locksmiths have the knowledge and knowhow of breaking locks with minimum damage. Not only will the neatly break your lock, they will also replace is and give you a new key.

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