I Dropped My Keys And Can’t Find Them, Should I Change The Locks?

According to my calculations, I have no idea where my keys are…

Most of us have dropped our keys at some point in time.

It is often that walk home from the pub; a casual drive to the grocery store; for the misfortunate among us, even chilling at home may lead to a case of lost keys.

It happens to the best of us.

Where did they go? Where could they be? Flipping cushions, sifting through that pile of clothes, nope. Checked the book shelf, right? Should I retrace my steps back to the store? What if I don’t find it?

For many of us, the range of questions and the accompanied search often turns into frustration, ruining our day, making us doubt ourselves and our memory.

If you identify as a millennial, word among researchers is that you are likely to be more involved in personal development.  However, that endless pursuit for perfection comes at a price—feeling inadequate and that no amount of self-betterment can ever be enough.

That is exactly what we feel when we lose our keys, isn’t it? How could our memory have fogged to the extent where we simply can’t recall where we left them? It ends either two ways:

  • Oh! Here they are.
  • Oh it’s because of XYZ I dropped/forgot my keys (someone to blame for psychological satisfaction)

The case of disappointment triggered due to disbelief at your own negligence is still better than the Russian superstition that says it’s a bad omen and could hint at imminent financial loss if you put your keys at the table.

Imagine forgetting your keys on a Russian friend’s table just because you forget them there… Nope!

But the point is—what to do next? Do you dance in the rain or feel no pain? Both, we say. But most importantly, should you change your locks?

Take it from someone who has been there. Losing your keys, especially the keys to your house, can be one pesky problem, but not one that cannot be solved.

Like any other homeowner, the number one thing on your mind is if the person who found your keys followed you home just so they could, may be, drop by (a highly unlikely scenario, but that’s just how our minds work).

Here’s what you should ask yourself:

How Did I Lose Them?

If you’re not sure if you should change your locks, you haven’t considered how you lose your keys. There’s always a cloud of uncertainty over lost items—you aren’t sure if you dropped them or if you misplaced them.

Even worse, if they were stolen. The course of action depends on the answer to this question.

Here’s our two words: Have a spare made if you lost the key. Replace the locks if your keys were stolen. The latter puts you and your house’s security on the line. Consider replacing the locks essential if you lost the entire keychain, with multiple important keys and any IDs that could be associated with you.

Did I Lose The Master Key Or A Spare?

If it was a master key, consider replacing the locks. Whether you lost them or had them replaced, replacing them is essential since this key could be used to access multiple locks in and around your property.

What Is My Budget?

The budget is important. It has to be the most critical consideration when redoing any part of your home.

If you’ve lost your keys, the amount of money you are willing to spend on addressing this problem could help you decide if you should have the spares made or have the locks changed.

However, as locksmith pros in New York, we advise changing the locks. While this might seem hard at the moment and may come as a relatively huge financial hit. Nothing is worth risking your security for.

Of course, when considering the costs of rekeying and lock change, there’s a huge difference. It’s safe to say there aren’t any wrong or right choices but naturally, it’s a far better option to replace the locks than to rekey them.

If you simply can’t consider changing the locks, consider at least rekeying your locks and having multiple spares made to avoid future trouble.

Was It A Spare Key?

All of us could use spare keys, whether for our cars or for our homes. If you realize you just lost your spare keys, don’t worry much.

Losing your spare keys barely warrants any changes to the lock or having more keys made. You still have the original key and if you are savvy enough with everything, more spares lying around.

What Type Of Locks Do I Have Right Now?

Losing your keys could also be considered an opportunity to review and revamp security in your home. Who could’ve thought losing access to your home could make you realize how it much it means to you, right?

If you have the best security locks installed then it wouldn’t be a really good idea to consider changing them. Rekey them instead. If you don’t have high security locks, check out all the latest options and choose one that comfortably fits your budget.

Yes, it may seem like a paralyzing problem with the multiple choices, just like it is when shopping at a grocery store. But hey, deep down, you know the best for you and your home.

We also think likewise.

Considering that in New York your chances of being in a burglary, theft or motor vehicle theft victim are 1 in 65 (which is A LOT), we care for you and your safety. At New York Locksmith Networks, we can help you decide what to do if you’ve lost your keys, of course after we let you in your home.

Also, if you are confused with the options and choices, we could help there as well. Using our experience, we devise the best locking solutions for your home, that ensure your safety, years down the line.

What’s even better is that we have you covered for those awkward 3 in the morning, don’t-know-where-I-forgot-my-keys lockouts as well! There’s a reason why we are called one of the most reliable 24-hour locksmith services in NYC!

Give us a call! Even better, put us on speed dial for those emergencies 347-753-9043 / 917-472-1252.

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