Better Safe than Sorry—Why You Need To Invest In Security

In 2010 alone, there were an estimated 2 million burglary cases, 70 percent of which were committed on residential properties. Most of these houses did not have sufficient security measures in place which made them easy targets.

In today’s day and age, where both parents at work, it’s more important to ensure that your house is safe from potential break-ins.

Here we share a couple of reasons why it is important to invest in security.

Protecting Valuables

Although the primary motivation when installing a security system is our family’s protection, protecting your valuables is important too. The average burglary costs thousands of dollars and leaves a feeling of violation which lasts a long time.

Deterring Intruders

No burglar—no matter how skilled—looks for a tough job. As mentioned earlier, burglaries are most likely to occur in houses which do not have any visible protection and are easy to break in. With a security system installed, your house is most likely to be checked-off from any potential intruder.

You Travel Often

People who break into a house don’t do it on a whim. Most burglars are smart and will observe patterns of a family before they decide to commit a crime.

If you’re away from your home for extended periods of time, the absence of activity, overstocked mail, switched-off lights, and unopened packages at the front door will let everyone know that the house is empty. This makes it an easy target. Most modern locks come equipped with silent-alarm systems which alert nearby police forces without letting the intruders know. They also come with audio and video recording capabilities which help identifying culprits.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums

Having homeowner’s insurance is a necessity—the cost of which depends on location, coverage, insurance company, payment options, type of home, etc. The primary purpose of such insurance is to cover damages or losses in case of break-ins.

Many insurance companies adjust premiums, lowering it, for owners who have a security system installed in their homes.

Multi-Purpose smart locks

Most modern day smart locks are multi-functional and provide advantages well beyond security. Those houses which have elderly people suffering from medical conditions, smart locks come equipped with medical alert pendants and emergency pulls which can alert hospitals in case of emergencies. These alarms are also part of total home security systems which means they also have smoke and fire detector alarms which can be potentially lifesavers.

The security and well-being of you and your beloved ones should always come first. Contact our residential locksmith in New York City today to ensure your home is protected by the most advanced and reliable security systems in the market!

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