8 Things To Do When You Lock Yourself Out of The House

Locked out your home in the middle of the night? It might sound surprising but this problem is a lot more common than you might think.

If you find yourself involved in this kind of a situation, it is important that you stay calm and avoid panicking.

Here is what you need to do:

How Were You Locked Out?

People can sometimes forget their keys when they leave their homes in a hurry. They do not even realize that they have forgotten the keys until they come back home.

This can be quite risky as well if the keys fall into the wrong hands. Burglaries are a common problem in the United States.

Statistics suggest that thirty percent of the burglaries involve entry through an open door or a window. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do not lose or misplace your keys.

Now that we have a better idea about some of the reasons you might be locked out of your house, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do in case you get locked out of your house:

Contact Your Neighbors or Roommates

Do you live in a shared apartment? If that is the case, you can contact your roommates and ask them to let you in. You can also contact your landlord and ask them to give you the spare keys to your apartment.

You can also contact the building’s manager and ask them to let you enter your apartment. Of course, you will have to provide evidence that you are a resident of the building first.

People sometimes leave their spare keys with their neighbors as well. If you have done so, ask your neighbors to provide you with the spare key.

Try Other Doors

You have tried to open the front door but it does not budge. You always have the option of trying to gain entry through other doors of your house. Check the back door and see if it is open.

Try the Windows

Another way you can gain entry to your home is through the window. Take a walk around the house and look for entry points. All you really need to do is remove the screen, raise the window, and enter the house.

Do make sure that you maintain proper balance. You do not want to lose your balance and end up injured.

You will also need to keep in mind the position of the furniture in your room. You might accidentally damage some of the items that are present in the room when you try to enter it through the window.


You can also try to unlock the door using a spare card that is of little to no value to you. Laminated cards are ideal in such situations because they are flexible.

Insert the card between the door and the frame near the point where the door latch is located. Make sure that you are holding the card in a perpendicular position. While the card is in position, start pushing it.

As you push the card, bend it away from the doorknob and try to slide the latch away from the door jam. As you bend the card, put your weight against the door and try to open it.

One thing that you do need to know about this method is that it is only effective with doors that have spring bolts. This method will not work on doors, which have deadbolts.

Remove the Door Knob

You can also gain access to your home by removing the doorknob. Look closely on the side of the doorknob. You will notice small pin sized hole.

Insert a small metallic item like a pin or blade in the hole and apply pressure. Keep pushing the metal as far into the hole as you can.

While doing so, pull and twist the knob until you remove it. Once you have removed the doorknob, you will see the lock mechanism

. Use a screwdriver to pull back the locking mechanism to unlock the door.

Lock Picks

You can also try to pick your door lock. All locks use a pin tumbler system. Basically, what you need to do is apply pressure on the pins so that they shift their position and the door opens.

In order to pick the locks you will need certain tools, which include:

  • Tension wrench:Also known as L bar, this tool is inserted in the key way without blocking the pins
  • Rake: This tool is used to move the pins quickly and randomly
  • Hook: This tool is available in different shapes and sizes. People use hooks in order to find something that moves within the keyway

One of the easiest methods of picking locks is raking. The process involves moving all of the pins simultaneously. You do not need to have extensive knowledge about locks in order to use this method.

Use a tension wrench and apply pressure. While you are doing so, insert the rake in the keyway. Keep pulling and moving the rake in out of the key way. After that, turn the tension wrench in order to check if the door is opening or not.

Bump Key

A bump key is specially designed for pin based lock systems. Majority of these systems consist of springs. The ridges of the keys press against the corresponding pins, which unlock the door.

The process of using a bump key can be quite time consuming since you need to insert the key, strike it with a hammer, pull it out again and repeat the process until ridges correspond with the pins.

Get In Touch With Locksmith

All of the aforementioned ideas might help you get inside your house but they can also lead to irreparable damage to your doors and locks. Therefore, in case you get locked out of your home it is best to call in professional locksmiths.

These people have the tools and the skills required to unlock doors without causing any kind of damage to your property.

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