4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Door Locks

Nothing lasts forever, does it? If that’s the case, why do you expect your locks to last forever? Like the many things in life, there will come a time when your door locks need locksmith in Manhattan and delaying the job will only put the safety of your loved ones at stake.

Statistics suggest that break-ins contribute to 66 percent of residential burglaries every year in the U.S. With a home burglary occurring every 13 seconds in the U.S., you need to make sure you’re not compromising your residential security.

Here’s a list of signs that tell when it’s time to change your locks.

door locks

1. Wear

Your locks go through so much every day—it only makes sense that they’ll show signs of wear sooner or later. Their continuous use combined with external factors; causes them to deteriorate over time.

Rusted locks become sticky and opening them becomes much of a struggle. Not only that, they can also put your home security at risk.

With proper maintenance and lubrication, you can minimize the effects of environmental factors. However, there’s only so long you can put off your lock replacement until it becomes inevitable.

2. Lost Keys

Lost your key? Instead of getting a new one, how about you consider replacing your locks altogether?

Take it from our experts; it’s an issue that needs immediate addressing. Like it or not, your home security is compromised and getting a new key isn’t going to make it all well in Lock Land!

It’s always better to go an extra mile to ensure your residential security by hiring a locksmith to replace your locks.

3. Loose Handles and Knobs

The fact that doorknobs consist of moving parts causes them to loosen up over time, leaving you locked out of your doors. A loose lock is also easier to break, giving burglars a free passage inside your house.

The screw fastening the moving parts together gets undone due to repeated use—causing your door locks to dislodge. In many situations, the screw breaks altogether, leaving no room for repair.

4. Recent Break-In

This one doesn’t need telling—if your apartment has suffered from a recent break-in, it’s about time you get your locks replaced! Forced entries often cause damage to your lock’s internal mechanism—you might not see it, but your lock is already starting to fail!

Door locks play an integral role in maintaining the safety of your family and belongings. If your lock is falling among any of the former categories, it might be a good time to have it replaced.

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