10 Things to Consider before You Replace Your Front Door’s Deadbolt

If the door lock on your front door is damaged and you need a deadbolt replacement, the last thing you want to do is to waste time in getting the job done! Even without the disturbingly high crime rates of today, a non-functional deadbolt on your front door would leave you quite exposed.

All this being said, changing the deadbolt on your front door is not as simple as say, replacing a busted tire with the spare you keep in the trunk of your car!

There are a number of things you need to take into consideration. After all, we’re talking about the one barrier that separates you, your family or employees, your property and your valuables from any potential risks!

10 Things to Consider before Replacing That Deadbolt

Here are some of the things you want to consider before changing or replacing those deadbolts on your front door!

Why Bother?

The first thing you want to think about is why you’re changing the deadbolt of your home’s front door to begin with!

There might be different things to bear in mind depending on the reason you’re changing the deadbolt. Looking into why you’re changing your lock will inform what kind of a lock you choose.

If you’re changing simply because the last lock was old, it would be a simple matter of replacement. On the flipside, if you’re changing the deadbolt because the old one was not working properly, you might need to look into why the lock failed to function. You will also have to proceed to ensure that the next deadbolt you install is of a better quality.

Post Beak-in or Break-in Attempt

If you’ve recently experienced a break-in or break-in attempt, you really want to up your security. By way of dead bolts, what this would mean is investing in a sturdier model. There are also numerous safety lock models that you can look into.

If someone has tried to get into your space forcefully once, it is best to take all the precautions needed to prevent a second attempt!

Safety over Aesthetic

There are times when you might feel you want to beautify your home and purchase and install a deadbolt lock that brings out the overall home aesthetic better. Though this is all well and good, never compromise safety for aesthetic when it comes to your front door!

If you absolutely must have your cake and eat it so to speak, purchase a high-quality lock that boasts the aesthetic you desire. This might cost you a bit more but it will be well worth the safety!

Doors Make a Difference

The lock you install will obviously differ depending on both the material and shape of your door.

Glass doors for instance can be quite vulnerable and require certain types of deadbolt locks for them to be secure. There are also certain wooden door designs that might not do too well with a deadbolt and might require a lock or latch of another kind.

Make sure you’re clear on the type of door you have so you know exactly what type of deadbolt will work best by way of safety.

New Additions

If you are adding a deadbolt to a door that did not come with one, you will likely need to make the grooves and spacing for placement yourself. Just remember, as we mentioned earlier, there are some doors that might not support deadbolts. One such example is a hollow-core door.

Additionally, if you are adding a second or third deadbolt to a solid-core door, you might want to reinforce the wood you have taken off with metal supporter strips. It would not be much good if your locks held but your door didn’t!

Measuring and Modifying

Another thing we already might have mentioned is that if you’re simply replacing an old deadbolt with a new one of the same make and model, it should be a simple process.

On the other hand, if the replacement you’re looking to install is made by another company and comes with different measurements, you might want to ensure that it fits into the same grooves and spaces as your previous lock. If it doesn’t, you will either have to find one that does, or make some physical modifications and adjustments to the preexisting grooves and door.

Is it Just the Deadbolt?

When it comes to security, though getting a stronger deadbolt is a great idea, there are other little upgrades you might want to make on your door to go with it.

Figure out whether it is a simple lock replacement you’re looking for or if you’re hoping to solidify your front door in general. If so, you can likely purchase a lot of the material you need from the same place that you procure your deadbolt and other lock supplies.

Longer and stronger screws as well as metal door reinforcements really help supplement the security provided by your deadbolt.

Electronic Options

Are you replacing your old deadbolt with one which can be electronically controlled? You have locks which respond to password codes, key cards, finger print scans and mobile apps to name a few.

Just be sure that you are clear on the benefits and possible arguments against electronic locks. It is invariably a matter of need and preference. Be clear on whether you want to go for an electronic lock or stick with a trusty old school deadbolt. Look into your options and see what works for you best!

Costs and Quality

As we said before, the deadbolt on your front door is extremely instrumental by way of security.

If you’re looking into purchasing a new one, try not to compromise on quality in order to save costs. Purchasing the best deadbolt lock you can afford will only benefit you!

If you can find a sturdy and reliable deadbolt lock for a good price go for it! If not, let your wallet take a hit for the safety of the home!

Need a Locksmith?

There are some of us who are really hot on DIY and kudos to them! Most people however need to hire the services of a locksmith to get such work done. A locksmith ensures that the deadbolt lock you purchase is ideally suited to your door type.

They will also guarantee that the installation done is done correctly and that there is no room for malfunction or pre-mature damage.

Last but not least, a professional locksmith service will probably send over someone who has done thousands of deadbolt changes, installations, repairs and replacements. Such a person will be able to provide pertinent tips on both maintenance and increased security. When getting the deadbolt on the front door redone, hiring a professional locksmith is highly advisable.

As you can see, unlike changing the lock of say a cupboard in a safe secure space within your home, changing the deadbolt on your front door requires a lot more thought. That being said, taking all these things into consideration before you make that final installation will guarantee that you make the right choice. This, consequently, to a degree will guarantee the safety of your home or establishment.

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